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40 Year Solar Panel Warranty

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Why is a Solar Warranty is Important?

Your solar panel warranty protects your investment and is an essential part of any solar system. There are many warranties available that will protect your panels. It is important to understand the differences and which products offer the best warranties so you can get the best deal on your solar energy system.

Solar Panel Warranty
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What it means for your Solar System

A solar PV system is a multi-decade investment. The amount of electricity generated by your solar energy system year after year will directly affect your return on this investment. Your solar panel system's electricity allows you to buy little electricity or none from your utility. Your dependence on your utility will increase the less your solar system produces. It's a zero-sum proposition. You'll get less long-term value if your solar panels are degrading quickly than if they degrade more slowly.

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The 40 Year Solar Performance Guarantee

Every year, the amount of electricity produced by a solar panel decreases. This is true for all solar panels but in different degrees. It is common in the solar industry to guarantee that panels won't lose more than 10%-20% of their power output capacity within the first 25 year. This is a key benefit of a good warranty on a solar panel. Panel manufacturers usually guarantee that their panels will produce electricity at between 80% and 90% of their peak power output rating at 25 years. However, At Premier Improvements Solar we can offer our clients an industry best 40 Year 88.3% production guarantee.


Another indicator of the support and service policies offered by a panel manufacturer is performance warranty coverage. This covers any problems that may arise with your solar system. While product warranty issues can be easily demonstrated (either your panels are working or they are not), it is possible to prove that you are experiencing a panel performance issue that should be covered under warranty. The reasons are beyond this article. It is important to note that our panels have a longer 40-year performance warranty which is more favorable than those with shorter warranties.


However, the performance warranty can be used as an indicator of a panel’s intended degradation behavior, rather than its manufacturer's support policies. The Premier Improvements will repair or replace your panel if the panel's degradation rate exceeds the warranty period. Premier Improvements will also pay for shipping costs and labor to replace your panel.

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