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Ground-Mounted Solar Panels | Local Home Solar | Premier Improvements Solar

You probably envision solar panels on your roof when you think about getting them. You know that's where they go.

But that's not the only way. Although rooftop solar panels are the most popular, they can be installed in many other locations and ways. Ground-mounted solar panels are the most popular of all the options.

This blog will explain exactly what a ground-mounted system is, their pros and cons, as well as whether they are worth considering for your home.

What is a Ground-Mounted System of Solar Panels?

A ground-mounted system for solar power is exactly what it sounds like. It consists of solar panels mounted on the ground, and not on the roof of your home.

Ground-mounted solar panels are easy to install anywhere on your property with enough space and sun exposure. The panels can be installed anywhere between a few inches and a few feet above the ground depending on how the rack system has been set up. The panels provide power to a solar converter, which can be found either behind the panels or inside the house.

Ground-mount solar systems are typically built with 60-cell panels. This is the same size of solar panels used in residential rooftop installations. Larger-scale, 72-cell panels are used for ground-mounted systems like those in solar farms.

Ground-mounted solar panel are also called backyard solar panels or freestanding solar panels and ground-mount PV system.

What are the various types of Ground-Mount Solar Panels?

Standard Ground Mount

Ground mounts can be either traditional or standard. They use ground anchors to support a racking table that supports solar panels on rails. The method you use to anchor depends on the ground conditions. Concrete piers are most common but driven piers and helical piles as well as concrete ballasts can be used.

The standard ground mount system holds the solar array in one fixed position. However, manual adjustment is becoming more popular.

Ground-mount systems are the most popular and cost-effective.

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels offer more control over the orientation and angle of your Solar Panels.

To receive maximum sunlight, solar panels must face south or southwest. You can place solar panels on the ground in any direction that you like to maximize sunlight exposure. This is not possible with a roof.

Ground panels are more exposed to sunlight than other solar panels, which allows them to produce more solar power and thus save you money.

There may be obstructions on your roof, such as a skylight, chimney, or other structures that make it difficult to place panels. Ground generally has more space to install panels than roofs.

However, panels installed on the ground can cause more damage to your home than those on the roof. Ground panels are more difficult to install than roof panels.

If your ground-mounted system can also produce more energy, this additional cost can be offset in the long term.

Is ground-mounted solar panel the right choice for me?

Ground-mounted panels may be more suitable for homes that use a lot of energy.

This is especially true if your property has a lot more open space than your roof. You can install more solar panels on your roof. A larger system will generate more power and meet your needs better.

If your yard is small, you might not have enough space to install the panels that you need. If you don't have enough space, solar panels installed on the ground won't leave much room for your grass, flowers, or landscaping. Rooftop panels might be better if this is important to you.

You should note that a ground-mount system is not the only option if your roof doesn't allow for solar panels. A solar carport or a gazebo, solar patio or pergola are also options.

Final thoughts about ground-mounted solar panel

Ground-mounted solar panels offer many advantages over traditional rooftop panels. They can produce more energy than standard rooftop panels, which can be worth the extra cost. You can do some research and speak to Premier Improvements Solar about how ground-mounted panels can help you meet your home’s energy needs.

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