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How long does it take to Install Solar Panels? |

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

You may be curious about the time it takes to generate electricity once you have decided to go solar. You want to generate power, so you will need to know how long it takes to install solar panels. Continue reading to find out how long it takes for solar panels to be installed, what factors affect their time and how to recover your investment.

How long does it take to install solar panels?

It takes time to install solar panels and get them approved. Each step will have waiting periods. Depending on your location, how many people are installing solar panel, and the type of solar panels, each step will take a different amount of time. These are the steps for a system installation.

After you completed the paperwork, the next step is to get your site approved and assessed. Premier Improvements Solar will inspect the site to ensure that it can support a solar system. We will ensure that the roof is strong enough to support the required amount of solar energy and that the electrical system can handle it. Experts will confirm measurements and make sure that there is nothing blocking the sun.

This step can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to complete, including the initial phone call and the scheduling of the site visit.

We will obtain the appropriate permits from your local government in order to install solar panels. Your homeowner's association might also be interested in your plans to make major changes to your home. You may need to get approval from them before you can start. You will need different permits depending on where you live. You will need a photovoltaic permit (PV), general electrical permit and/or construction permit in most cases.

This step is dependent on bureaucracy and can take up to 3-6 weeks.

It will depend on the type of solar panels you choose and what mountings you use to mount them. This will impact how long it takes to install your system. If parts are not available, your solar company might have to order them. This can increase the time it takes to install your system. You could wait weeks for your equipment to arrive if parts are required to be shipped from overseas. Your solar system design might need to be approved before you can proceed with installation. You may need to wait for approval if the solar experts have made any changes.

This step may take longer depending on whether you require design approval or where your parts come from. This step can take up to two weeks. This can be done simultaneously with the permitting step.

This step is the fastest, and most surprising, step after your installation has been scheduled. Most times, the installation will take only a few days. Installers will arrive at your home with all the necessary equipment and begin work. The installers will install the panels and then wire the house. They can complete the job in one day. However, if you have a large roof or complex roof, it may take several days.

This step may take up to a day depending on how large your roof and solar system are.

You must wait until your solar system is installed on your roof before you can generate power. To ensure that your solar panels are installed correctly and according to code, a local inspector will be required to inspect the site. Although it can be annoying, this inspection is necessary to ensure that all solar panels are installed correctly and up to code. This step may vary depending on the season and backlog.

This step could take up to a week depending on where you live, how fast the inspector can come and how long it takes.

Now you're on the final stretch. Last, you need to file an application to your utility company for them to turn the switch to connect your system. To determine how much energy your system is producing, the utility company will often install a meter. The time it takes to complete the installation and application can vary. Many customers are anxious about this step, but the final result will be well worth it.

This step may take up to two weeks depending on the utility company.

A solar installation can take anywhere from a few weeks up to several months. Although this may seem like a long time, don't let it stop you from installing solar panels. Solar panels can lower your electricity bills and help you become more self-sufficient .

How long does it take for homeowners who install solar panels to recover their investment?

You may wonder how long it will take for your solar panel system to return the investment it has made. These are the steps you need to follow in order to calculate the payback period of your solar system.

Calculate the average electricity consumption for your home. Your payback period for solar panels should be shorter if your monthly electricity bill is higher before you install them.

The total cost of the system should be determined. This includes the total cost of the system, including the cost of panels, equipment, installation and maintenance.

Calculate your annual benefits. Solar panels can be eligible for federal tax credit, rebates and solar incentives. You may be eligible for incentives from your state to install solar panels.

Divide the total costs by your benefits. This is the time it takes to recover your investment and start to reap the financial benefits of a solar system.

At Premier Improvements, We can handle all of your needs from the Design, Permitting, Installation & Inspection of both Residential and Commercial properties. With Solar Tax Credits still available it's a perfect time to start moving forward to your financial freedom from the Utilities. Servicing All of the Connecticut and Massachusetts as well as Rhode Island we are always here to help you and answer any Questions you may have. Give us a Call @ (860)969-4006 or visit our website @ for additional info.

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