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How Solar Panels Can Enable Senior Citizens I

Solar panels may seem like high tech, but evidence suggests that everyone is interested in creating their own green energy. According to the Society of Certified Senior Advisors 64% of seniors believe that solar energy is a good option and they would like to have their own. This begs the question: How can senior citizens benefit from such solar panels?

Providing Independence

Senior citizens are the most vulnerable age group to need complex care assistance. CNBC reports that the number of caregivers needed to care for seniors is expected to rise to 4 million in 2026. This demonstrates the magnitude of the needs. This can be achieved by solar panels, which provide independence for seniors whether they are living at home or in assisted living facilities or nursing homes . If critical equipment is down, power outages and surges can cause a medical emergency. The chaos and confusion caused by power outages can also be dangerous for relatives with mobility problems or Alzheimer's. A independent supply of power is a safety net that seniors can use as a protection system.

Reduce Costs

The USA has an unusually high rate of poverty among senior citizens. This is due to power bills which consume a significant portion of household budgets and can be out of control when combined with increased time indoors. The solar energy system can not only help you pay off your energy bills completely, but it can also make you extra cash by selling energy back to the grid. Credit can be used to purchase energy during the dark months. Many utilities will also pay any credit that is not used in a check at year's end.

Leave a Legacy claims that solar panels instantly increase home value by as much as 4.1% . This is a great opportunity for seniors who have their home in full equity. They can either get an equity loan or pass on their legacy. According to HuffPo's Legacy Project, this is the number one concern for seniors. Solar energy should be indelibly linked to your home to ensure that it retains its value even after the panels are retired.

Solar energy isn't reserved for the technologically advanced or young. It is now affordable and simple enough to be used by all age groups. Seniors could be more able to reap the benefits than their relatives and friends in other age groups.

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