• Adam H. Cooke

How to Avoid "Other" Companies Solar Scams |

Updated: 19 hours ago

Nobody wants to be scammed.

Scam calls today are driving us crazy. Not to mention our email inboxes full junk and the newer method to text junk to us.

Scammers are rampant in the home remodeling industry. It's not a good idea to be ripped off when you're working on a home remodel or other improvement project.

There are many solar panel scams that can appear out of the blue. If you don't work with a qualified installer, there is a possibility you will be conned out your hard-earned cash. We are here to help you avoid scams and get high-quality panels installed on your home.


You must first identify a solar scam to avoid falling for it. Solar scams are often difficult to spot, just like other types of scams. It is important to understand and recognize the techniques used by reputable and unreliable companies to sell their products.

In California--somewhere that solar has become very popular--there are quite a few tactics utilized in an effort to scam potential solar customers out of their money. These are just a few, but you can also see this video featuring real victims.


Solar panels can be a large investment. You'll need to take your time and make sure you are ready to purchase solar panels.

Avoid companies that require you to sign a contract with them immediately. Look for companies that will give you the tools and resources to make the right decision for your home. It is important to find a company that will work with you and help you succeed. Sun Badger takes the time to help you understand all aspects of solar. This allows customers to understand their options and makes informed decisions.