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How to Avoid "Other" Companies Solar Scams |

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Nobody wants to be scammed.

Scam calls today are driving us crazy. Not to mention our email inboxes full junk and the newer method to text junk to us.

Scammers are rampant in the home remodeling industry. It's not a good idea to be ripped off when you're working on a home remodel or other improvement project.

There are many solar panel scams that can appear out of the blue. If you don't work with a qualified installer, there is a possibility you will be conned out your hard-earned cash. We are here to help you avoid scams and get high-quality panels installed on your home.


You must first identify a solar scam to avoid falling for it. Solar scams are often difficult to spot, just like other types of scams. It is important to understand and recognize the techniques used by reputable and unreliable companies to sell their products.

In California--somewhere that solar has become very popular--there are quite a few tactics utilized in an effort to scam potential solar customers out of their money. These are just a few, but you can also see this video featuring real victims.


Solar panels can be a large investment. You'll need to take your time and make sure you are ready to purchase solar panels.

Avoid companies that require you to sign a contract with them immediately. Look for companies that will give you the tools and resources to make the right decision for your home. It is important to find a company that will work with you and help you succeed. Sun Badger takes the time to help you understand all aspects of solar. This allows customers to understand their options and makes informed decisions.


Sometimes, solar scammers pose as representatives of the government or utility companies. They will offer large discounts and paybacks, but they don't exist. Ask the solar company to show you the research if they claim that you will be eligible for a tax credit, or any other form of payment from government agencies or utilities. Make sure it is applicable to you, and don't take anyone's word for it.

You can find legitimate companies that will show you the reasons why things cost what they do, and whether you are eligible for tax breaks. Sometimes discounts and promotions can be a good way to get more for your dollar. If you know where to look, it's not difficult to find these companies. Look for businesses in your region that are familiar with the federal, state, and local tax credits and utility credits.

UNREALISTIC PRICES, Failing to Deliver

Companies will also use this scam tactic to offer unrealistically low prices. This tactic is often combined with high-pressure sales tactics to get you to purchase before you are ready. Companies that sell low prices might not be able to fulfill your job requirements and will instead take your money elsewhere. Sometimes they may offer high-quality panels, but not in the right areas. Do your research to find out how much solar you should pay and avoid being scammed by low prices.

Some companies might not even start the project at your house, but other companies or scammers may do the majority of the work. They might begin work on the project after you have paid for it. However, they may not do the work to your satisfaction or meet the standards you expect. You can prevent this from happening by looking into each company and the reviews they have online. It can be difficult to trust a company without reviews.


A company that honors the product warranty and offers a workmanship guarantee can provide you with the assurance you need to make a decision about solar. A workmanship warranty that lasts the entire life of your product is a great way to ensure that your panels will continue to work well for many years.


Some companies may push for quick start or without a contract. A contract is a red flag. It doesn't guarantee the job will be done. However, it is not smart or safe legal practice. If someone is hurt installing solar panels on your property without signing a contract you could be held responsible.

Avoid this scamming technique by ensuring that there is a valid contract between the parties before any solar installation at your place of business or home begins.


Some companies may try to convince leasers that solar energy is a good option for their home. You are simply renting solar panels from the installer who helps you set them up, just like any other lease. It is less expensive to lease solar panels than buying them. You won't get the tax benefits of solar panels if you don't buy them. There won't even be value to your home.

Instead of leasing, you might consider a company that can finance the cost of your solar panels. We offer solar-specific financing at low interest rates. We want you to get the tax credits that you deserve for installing solar panels on your house.


You will need to have a list of possible solar panel scams that you can refer back to when you look into solar panels more seriously. Based on the above list of possible scams, here is a checklist for solar panel scams.

Avoid high-pressure salespeople.

Be wary of people who pose as representatives for utility companies or government agencies.

Avoid companies with unrealistic pricing to save money and avoid getting the job done wrong.

Look for companies that offer excellent contractual warranties.

Companies that offer to start without a contract should be avoided

Instead of purchasing solar panels, consider leasing them instead.


Companies can also try to con you out of your hard-earned money in other ways. You need to be aware of scammers who are only in it for the money. There are many scams, but solar panels can be very profitable in the end.

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