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Keep your Heat On or Off? What is the Cheapest Way to Heat your Home? |

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

The Northern Hemisphere is in the midst of winter, with cold mornings, crisp days and cold snaps. It can be a struggle to keep your home warm in this season, depending on your tolerance for cold and your bank account. What is the best way to heat your home without getting frozen at work? Short sharp blasts or low heat all day?

It really comes down to your priorities. Do you want all-day comfort, or are you looking for the best cost-effective way of getting by?

The Cheapest Way to Heat a Home

The Energy Saving Trust is a British organization dedicated to energy conservation. It has been proven that the myth that heating your home at lower temperatures is more economical than turning it off again, is a fabrication.

Heating a house is the cheapest way to heat it. This could be setting a timer to turn the heating on when you wake up, or activating it whenever you feel cold.

The clincher between the two approaches (all day vs intermittent) is that even well-insulated homes are create condensation.

You'll feel a bit cold while you wait for the warmth to arrive. This is something you wouldn't experience if the heating was turned off all day. This is why it's best to turn your radiator valves up to maximum while keeping your boiler output low. It will keep things dry, cheap, and warm.

Statistician's Solution

In a paper published 2011, scientists from the University of Southampton attempted to solve the problem. They were looking for ways to control a home heating system in an adaptive way. This would reduce carbon emissions and cost. The "home energy management agent" program was designed to analyze the thermal properties of a house and use Gaussian processes in order to predict the weather for the next day. The kit provided the homeowner with real-time information about their finances and carbon emissions, which allowed them to adjust their heating preferences accordingly.

You could also grab a blanket or a hot water bottle.

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