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Solar is Your Best Defense Against Connecticut's Electric Bills

Updated: May 2

Understanding Connecticut's Electric Bill Increases

Connecticut's energy rates are among the highest in the nation, which is a major concern for homeowners across the state. This rise can be attributed to several factors, including increased investment in sustainable energy infrastructures, such as wind and solar farms, and the upgrading of old electric grids to modern standards. Eversource and United Illuminating, the primary energy providers in Connecticut, have submitted requests for rate increases to cover these necessary improvements. For Connecticut residents, these changes mean navigating a landscape of rising bills amid already high living expenses.

image of a home with solar panels and text wording about the ct greenbank smart e loan

The Financial Benefits of Going Solar

The financial advantages of going solar are compelling. With the average electricity rate in Connecticut significantly higher than the national average, solar provides an effective way to lock in lower rates. The upfront cost of installing solar panels is offset by the potential savings on utility bills, tax incentives, and rebates. For example, the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows homeowners to deduct 26% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from their federal taxes. Furthermore, solar increases property value. Studies have shown that homes with solar panels sell faster and for a higher price than those without. Learn more about solar incentives in Connecticut.

How Solar Power Works

To understand the full benefits of solar power, it's important to delve into how the system operates throughout the day. Solar panels generate the most electricity during the middle of the day when sunlight is abundant. This energy can either be used in real-time or stored in solar batteries for use during cloudy days or nighttime. Modern solar systems can be integrated with smart home technologies, allowing homeowners to optimize their energy usage based on real-time data, further increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of solar power.

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What to Look for in a Solar Installation Company

Choosing the right solar installer is crucial for maximizing the benefits of going solar. It’s not just about the installation but also about the ongoing service and support. A reputable company will offer transparent pricing, a detailed contract, and clear information about the expected energy production. Premier Improvements Solar, for instance, prides itself on its no-hidden-fees policy and its personalized approach to each installation, ensuring that every system is tailored to the homeowner's needs and property specifications. Check out what to consider when selecting a solar installer.

Getting Started with Solar in Connecticut

Embarking on your solar journey involves a few key steps:

Energy Assessment: This initial evaluation will help determine your home’s energy needs and the best solar setup.

Design and Planning: Based on the assessment, a system design is tailored to your home’s architecture and your electrical requirements.

Permitting: Before installation begins, all necessary permits must be obtained from local authorities, a process that Premier Improvements Solar handles completely.

Installation and Inspection: Professional installers will set up the system, which will then be inspected and connected to the grid.

Monitoring and Maintenance: Once installed, monitoring systems help track solar output and efficiency, while regular maintenance ensures optimal performance. Learn about the solar installation process in detail.

image of a home with solar panels and text wording about the ct greenbank smart e loan


The shift to solar in Connecticut is not just an economic decision but a step towards energy independence and environmental stewardship. As utility rates continue to rise, solar energy offers a stable and sustainable solution, allowing homeowners to take control of their energy use and costs. By partnering with a trusted provider like Premier Improvements Solar, you can easily navigate the transition to a solar-powered home.

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Adam H. Cooke
Adam H. Cooke
Apr 27
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