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Solar in Madison CT | How to Go Solar | Premier Improvements Solar

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Solar Power in Madison Connecticut:

Connecticut started investing in solar energy many decades ago, like many other states. The state currently ranks in the top half for solar generation with 2.53% of Connecticut's electricity coming from solar energy. According to the SEIA, solar energy production will increase by 5.67% in the next five years. Homeowners can cut their energy bills and help the environment by installing a solar panel.

Connecticut has an average of 194 sunshine days per year, making it a great state to use solar panels. Solar panels not only help the environment but can also save you money over time. A solar system will lower your monthly energy bills and allow you to export your excess energy to your local utility company. Continue reading to find out more about the benefits and costs of solar power in Connecticut.

Madison CT Solar Panel Cost

The price of solar panels is dependent on many factors such as where you live, how large your system is, what components are included and local labor and permit costs. The average cost of solar panels is between $3 and $5 per Watt. Before tax credits and other incentives, the average residential solar panel system will cost between $15,000 to $25,000 These financial incentives and energy savings will allow you to break even on your solar panel's system in 6-9 years.

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Rebates and Incentives for Connecticut Solar Energy

While solar panels can be expensive, the federal government as well as several states and local governments offer financial incentives to reduce that cost.

First, the federal government offers a solar tax credit that could help you save thousands of dollars on your solar panels. The current tax credit is 26%. However, it will be cut to 22% by 2023. It is due to expire in 2024.

Connecticut also offers a Residential Solar Investment Program that provides homeowners with a rebate for every watt of solar installed on their homes. The rebate can be as large as the federal tax credit and could amount to thousands of dollars. The Energy Conservation Loan program in Connecticut is another program. It provides a sales- and use tax exemption for solar system installations and a property exemption to allow for an increase in your home's value after you have installed solar panels.

Why choose Premier Improvements Solar Power in Madison?

Solar panels can be installed on your home to reduce your energy costs, create energy independence and help the environment.

Lower energy costs

Solar panels can help you reduce your energy bills. Solar panels capture sunlight and convert it to usable energy that can be used to power your home. Solar energy will power your home, and you'll need less electricity from traditional energy grids. You can save up to $1,000 annually depending on how much energy you use and how many energy your panels produce.

Energy independence

Solar panels can also help reduce your dependence on traditional electricity, which means you won't be dependent on it for power. If you have a Solar battery, you can avoid power outages in storms and downed power lines.

Go green

Traditional electricity generation can cause harm to the environment by releasing carbon dioxide, which contributes to climate change. solar, a renewable resource is not as harmful to the environment. Solar panels can reduce the carbon footprint of your home.

Learn more about solar energy

Premier Improvements Solar is your source for all things solar energy. We can help you find the right options for your home and discuss your needs. Talk to a person. To discuss your options for solar energy, call our dedicated solar advisors. Give us a shout at (860)906-4006

Do I need to Buy or Lease Solar Panels?

You have two options when you want to install solar panels in your home: buy or lease.

Both options offer some advantages, but buying solar panels is more cost-effective. You can get the federal tax credit and state rebate programs when you purchase solar panels. There are also financial incentives available. Renters of solar panels don't have these savings. You will save the most money on energy by purchasing solar panels. Lastly, solar panels can increase your home's value. An average increase in a home's value is $15,000.

Although solar panels are the most economical option, not everyone can afford them. Solar panels can be leased to make it more affordable by reducing the initial cost. Renters who don't want to purchase solar panels can make great use of leasing them.

Madison Solar Panel Companies

There are many Connecticut solar panel companies. It can be difficult to choose from so many options. At Premier Improvements Solar we suggest you check out our Reviews Online and then reach out for us to show you why we are the Best.

History of Solar Power in Connecticut

The state's solar policies date back to the late 90s when it established financial incentives and regulations to encourage the use of renewable energy. Recent policies include net metering, renewable portfolio standard, energy conservation loan, exemption from property taxes, and more.

Today, Connecticut is among the best states for solar energy generation. The state's total electricity production is 2.53%, which is sufficient to power over 150,000 homes. The state has experienced a dramatic increase in residential, commercial, and utility solar installations over the past decade.

Consider these Important Solar Factors

While there are many benefits to installing solar cells on your home there are some things that may not be right for you. These are some things to remember:

  • According to the Department of Energy solar panels work best on south-facing roofs that slope between 15 and 40 degrees. Solar panels work best on roofs in good condition that will not need to be replaced soon.

  • If solar panels are able to capture sunlight, they will only be able to save you money on electricity. Consider the weather in your area before you decide to install solar panels.

  • Solar panels may be restricted by some homeowners associations. You may need to get approval from your neighborhood association before installing solar panels.

At Premier Improvements Solar, We can handle all of your needs from the Design, Permitting, Installation & Inspection of both Residential and Commercial properties. With Solar Tax Credits still available it's a perfect time to start moving forward to your financial freedom from the Utilities. Servicing All the Connecticut and Massachusetts as well as Rhode Island we are always here to help you and answer any Questions you may have. Give us a Call @ (860)901-7619 or visit our website @ for additional info.

Are you thinking about making the leap into solar energy? To learn more about the process, check out our Website.

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