• Adam H. Cooke

Solar System Inverters : How long do they Last? I

Updated: 18 hours ago

There are many configurations of the inverter, which converts DC power from solar panels to usable AC power.

String inverter vs. Microinverter

Inverters are available in two types: microinverters and string inverters. Some string inverters can be equipped with module-level power electronics, MLPE (or DC optimizers) for certain applications. For roofs with shading conditions, suboptimal orientation or not south-facing span, microinverters and DC optimizers are used.

String inverter outfitted with DC optimizers

This technology ensures each panel has its maximum capability in real-time. It also allows for the use of "string" inverters to limit the production levels of other panels.

A bypass diode is a technology that stops the "Christmas light effect" from occurring in some string inverters. This technology can be found here by Fronius.

A string inverter is a good option for roofs with a favorable azimuth (orientation towards the sun) and little shading.

String inverters have simpler wiring and are easier to repair by solar technicians. According to Solar Reviews, they tend to be less expensive. Inverters are typically 10-20% more expensive than a solar panel installation. It is therefore important to choose the right inverter.