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SunPower Launches Solar Plus Energy Storage for Customers in CT MA RI |

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

SunPower Corp. announced it will launch a virtual plant program to allow energy storage customers who use SunVault to be paid. This will enable the local utility to store energy during peak demand.

SunPower stated that it will coordinate charging and discharging customers’ batteries while also keeping some electricity in reserve to provide backup power for the home. Customers who are participating in the program will be informed ahead of time about how their battery will be charged and discharged. They can also choose to bypass their system or set it up so that they do not drop below a certain amount. Customers are expected to pay the utility for their stored energy.

SunPower's first offering, ConnectedSolutions, is being marketed to Eversource and National Grid customers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

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