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SunPower launches Whole-Home Protection Solution | Solar Battery BackUp | Premier Improvements Solar

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American manufacturer SunVault Storage has increased the number of battery capacities available for its SunVault Storage product to 26 kWh and 52, respectively.

SunPower announced that it will expand its residential battery storage system SunVault Storage by adding 26 kWh and 52 kWh configurations. This will allow the system to provide backup power to all devices in customers' homes in the event they lose power.

SunPower claims that there were two reasons for the launch. According to SunPower's 2021 Energy Sense Index report, 40% of homeowners worry about power outages each month. These concerns can often be a reality for customers who live in disaster-prone areas or in California, where

there are frequent blackouts. EIA data also supports the company's claim that between 2013 and 2020, the average American went without electricity for twice as long.

SunPower's chief products officer, Nate Coleman, stated that power disruptions are more frequent than ever. "The demand for energy resilience is greater than ever." SunVault is more than just the basics. Customers can rest assured that their lives won't be disrupted even if their grid service goes down.

The SunVault system is able to run both essential appliances like HVAC and refrigeration, but also allows customers to power non-essential comfort appliances like an EV charger or pool pump.

SunPower announced a new warranty on SunVault systems in conjunction with the launch of new battery configurations. All SunVault energy storage units will be covered by a 10-year warranty that includes 70% energy retention.

According to SunPower the SunVault installation will start in June 2022.

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