• Adam H. Cooke

Top Energy Savings Tips to Help Reduce your Bill I

Updated: 18 hours ago

What keeps you up at night at Look After My Bills, and what is it? Your energy bill. You are right there reading this. We are concerned that your energy bills may be too high. We make it our mission, just like Indiana Jones, to find the best tariffs. But we place less emphasis on cracking whips and racing through jungles. Instead, we focus on very clever algorithms.

However, we will tell you a secret: Using too much electricity and gas can make even the most expensive tariff useless. You need energy-saving tips such as the ones we have gathered here.

Your Dad will tell you that energy savings are possible by wearing a second jumper and not being a wimp. "When I was a kid, we had ice in the windows." (This was followed by a 20-minute lecture on turning off the lights when you leave a room). But is your Dad aware what electricity appliances use? (If your dad is a qualified electrician, or someone who designs fridge freezers, then you can skip this question). Do you know how to reduce your energy bills? Can you tell the truth from the lies?

Myth 1: Energy Savings

Heating on low throughout the day can save you money over time. It makes sense, doesn't? You'll be less likely, when it gets colder outside, to heat your rooms. The Energy Saving Trust experts say that this is false. Even in the most insulated home, some heat escapes through the roof, walls and windows. You'll spend more money keeping your chimney-pecked pigeons snug and warm the longer you leave the heating on.

Myth 2: Energy Savings

Turn the boiler off when you don't need hot water. This myth is usually true. You should heat your water only when it is needed. If you have an electric immersion heater, and you are on an Economy 7 or 10 tariff, then you can heat water during the off peak hours provided that your hot water tank is sufficiently insulated to keep it hot for the remainder of the day.

Are I on Economy 7? Economy 10?

Asking your electricity provider is the best way to determine if you are on an Economy 7-10 tariff.

I don't know who my electricity pro