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An image of a home with solar panels installed in madison connecticut


Do you want to start producing your own energy? Does freedom from the power grid interest you? Would you like to cut your electricity bill? Then, you should consider solar installation in Madison, CT with Premier Improvements Solar.

Solar energy is a self-sustaining power source using sunlight that can help you save money and even pay you back in the long run. Since solar panel systems sometimes collect more energy than what is necessary to power the house they connect to, they can even send backup energy to the central power grid or a backup storage battery.

The central grid must then pay you for this energy in the form of credits, a program referred to as net metering. Or, you can store and transfer it back to your home when you need it. Between the ability to produce your own power and generate backup energy, green energy systems pay for themselves.


Get a free solar quote within 1 business day by answering a few questions here.

An image of a home with solar panels installed in madison connecticut


For a top-rated solar panel installation company in Madison, CT, look no further than Premier Improvements Solar! We are expert solar panel installers and can help you get the most out of this renewable energy source.

As one of the top-rated CT solar companies, we offer a wide range of services, including home solar panel installation, solar battery storage, ground-mounted solar, and new roofs with solar panels. We also offer top-of-the-line products at competitive prices.

Our experienced professionals are passionate about delivering the best customer service possible. Call us today at 860-969-4006 for a free consultation!

Keep reading to learn more about expert solar installation in Madison, CT, and the various benefits that solar power provides homeowners.


Hammonasset Beach State Park

This mini paradise boasts two miles of beach and around one million visitors annually. It is the biggest shoreline park in Connecticut and a beautiful place to go on vacation during the summer. The Land and Water Conservation Fund helped establish it in 1919.

An image of Hammonasset Beach State Park in madison connecticut

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Madison Art Cinemas

Madison Art Cinemas has a convenient location in downtown Madison. They show all the latest movies and offer deals like the early bird matinee and bargain Wednesday for anyone looking to see a movie on a budget.

An image of Madison Art Cinemas in Madison Connecticut

Meigs Point Nature Center

Located inside the Hammonasset Beach State Park’s borders, the Meigs Point Nature Center is the perfect addition to any family outing. Entry is free, and the center features beautiful exhibits of Connecticut’s native wildlife.

An image of Meigs Point Nature Center in madison connecticut

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Chamard Vineyards

Chamard Vineyards is a multi-functional location with opportunities for wine tasting and dining in their upscale, French-inspired bistro. They also offer live music and a happy hour for anyone looking to enjoy a day out with friends. 

An image of Chamard Vineyards in Madison Connecticut

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At Premier Improvements Solar, we offer multiple solar installation services throughout Connecticut to help you save on household energy costs and maximize your solar investment.

A image of a home with solar panels installed in Madison Connecticut

Madison, CT is one of Connecticut’s most charming towns. With wonderful attractions like the Hammonasset Beach State Park and Chamard Vineyards, it’s easy to understand why Madison locals love their home.

An image of a woman in front of a home with solar panels installed holding a sign for premier improvements


As top-quality local solar installers, our solar industry professionals are experts in the solar energy system installation process. We provide fair pricing and offer both leasing and loans on solar panels.


We have more than 1,000 successful renewable energy projects across Connecticut You can trust us to install your new solar panels quickly and professionally.


There are many solar battery storage benefits, such as the ability to store energy in case of an emergency. That’s why we offer SolarEdge solar battery storage systems, so you can be fully energy-independent.

Premier Improvements Solar can help you to take advantage of solar battery energy storage, providing both solar panels and batteries to store the energy. this provides a home power backup in case of power outages, as well as a way to reduce your reliance on the grid. solar battery energy storage can also help you to save money on your electric bill, as you will be able to use the stored energy during times of peak demand when rates are highest.

An image of SolarEdge Home Battery Backup System
An image of a home with solar panels installed in Madison Connecticut


At Premier Improvements Solar, our solar experts offer both regular solar panel installation and a package deal to install a new roof and solar panels simultaneously. As a result, you can save time and money by combining the two installations.

Contact one of the best solar companies for more information about combined roof replacement & solar energy system installation.


If you do not have enough space on your roof for solar panels, you can consider ground-mounted solar installation. These panels are just as effective as roof-mounted systems and are easy to install under the right conditions.

Ground-mounted solar panels have many benefits. First, they're less expensive than rooftop solar panels. Second, they're easier to install and maintain. Third, they don't require drilling holes in your roof. Fourth, they're better for the environment because they don't produce emissions. Finally, they offer a great return on investment. Investing in ground-mounted solar panels is a great way to save money and help the environment.



There are many tax credits and benefits associated with solar power.

Here are our top four solar incentives:

  1. Federal Solar Tax Credit The solar investment tax credit, or ITC, is an incentive the federal government created to encourage people to switch to clean energy. You can claim 30% of the cost of a new solar project on your federal income taxes in the same tax year that you began to use it.

  2. Sales Tax Exemption The state of Connecticut doesn’t require you to pay sales tax on renewable energy systems. This saves around 6% on initial expenditure when installing solar.

  3. Increased Property Value Since solar energy systems save homeowners money on electricity expenses, you can automatically raise the value of your house by turning it into a renewable energy property through solar panel installation.

  4. Net Metering Programs Solar panels are extremely effective at producing energy, so they often create excess energy. Thus, Connecticut’s electric company, Eversource, created net energy metering programs to earn credits on your electric bill if your solar panels in Madison, CT produce excess energy.

an image of a Couple planning finances with solar tax credit

How to Qualify for Solar Incentives & Tax Credits

To claim the ITC, you must have a recently installed solar photovoltaic system or one that you started using for the first time. You also must own the system. Finally, you must install the system at your residence, whether that is your primary home or otherwise.

To claim the net metering program from Eversource, you must have a system smaller than 10kW. Systems that are larger than this have a reduced rate, meaning you can still earn credits from the power company. To get these credits from Eversource, you must speak to your solar contractor about applying.


It all depends on how efficient your home is. At Premier Improvements Solar, we create a custom design for your property and install solar panels in the most cost-effective areas which produce the most savings on your electric bill.

If you have a south-facing roof with minimal shade on your property, we are able to use fewer panels than a north-facing roof with shading. It is extremely important to reach out to professional solar installers to find a detailed shading analysis of your home. Our solar company uses premium solar system options and industry-exclusive pricing to earn our customers savings today and for years to come.

Energy Rate Comparisons

An image of a chart showing highest energy costs in the united states

Homeowners in Connecticut are discovering that installing solar panels is an excellent way to reduce power bills and carbon emissions, all while enjoying the state's fantastic incentives. In fact, homeowners can get up to 30% federal investment tax credit (ITC) for a newly purchased system installed by December 31st, 2032 with or without battery storage! This means on average a 5kW sunlight solar energy installation will initially cost around $15k but then decreases closer to $11,000 after the 30% Investment Tax Credit is applied.


The home value increases with solar guarantees that if you decide to sell, your house will go on the market for much more than you paid upfront. Studies show that each kilowatt of solar panels installed can increase property value by $4,000 to $9,000.

Not only do solar panels save you money on hefty energy bills, but they can also increase your home value by thousands. That means that solar systems pay for themselves in the long run, making them a worthwhile investment for many homeowners.

an image of Solar home sales price premium

Source: Zillow

POWER YOUR MADISON CT HOME WITH SOLAR panels from premier improvements solar

Premier Improvement Solar provides quality solar installation services in Madison Connecticut - contact us today for a free consultation!

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