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Premier Improvements Solar, one of CT’s top solar energy contractors, provides several high-quality, cost-effective solar power products and services, helping their customers increase solar savings and make a measurable difference by reducing their electricity bills. We are proud to be a Newington, CT Solar Company.


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There are a variety of strategies to save money on your electricity bill, ranging from minor behavioral changes to extensive home improvement projects, which usually involve investing in renewable energy systems. These include geothermal heating and cooling systems and solar energy systems.

Solar panels use the sun's natural light to generate electrical power, which is then fed into our homes. You can use that energy to heat water, cook food, or power the lights and consumer electronics in your home, thus reducing your dependence on the utility grid and lowering your monthly electric bill.

If you're interested in learning more about solar energy, contact Premier Improvements Solar — a Newington CT Solar Company —we will install solar panels designed to save you money on your electric bill.


Newington is a town in the United States' Hartford County, located approximately eight miles south of downtown Hartford, as an older, mostly residential suburb in the greater Hartford area. The city population was 30,536 as of the 2020 census.


The city is surrounded by Wethersfield, New Britain, West, East and Central Hartford, Cromwell, Portland, Middletown, Bristol, Meriden, East Hampton, Wolcott, Vernon, Windsor Locks, and Cheshire. All of the listed cities' centers are located within 16 miles of Newington.

Image of a Newington Solar Panel Installation by Premier Improvements Solar Best Solar Company in Newington Connecticut Newington Solar Panel Installers


Newington is a beautifully looking suburb that is great for quick weekend getaways, as there's plenty to explore in this marvelous city, regardless of what your interests are. Here are some of the top attractions in Newington worth visiting:

Iwo Jima Survivors National Park

Newington is home to the United States National Iwo Jima Memorial Park. Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima was an image taken by Joe Rosenthal in 1945, depicting six US Marines raising the American flag on Mount Suribachi.

Montana Nights Ax Throwing

Newington is home to New England's greatest ax-throwing attraction — an activity you never knew you wanted to experience. Montana Nights, an ax-throwing bar, has seven throwing pits, and the easiest way to participate is to form a party of eight.

However, since there are some inherent dangers to ax throwing, you'll need some instruction from your "axspert" or "Ax Master" before participating in various throwing games, which can last for up to two hours.

Lucy Robbins Welles Library

Named after the same-named philanthropist and her family, Lucy Robbins Welles Library opened to the public in 1939. It was substantially renovated and expanded in 1988, merging old-world charm with modern conveniences into a stunning architectural combination. The library offers a large selection of print books, craft projects, tech classes, social events, and much more.

An image of Newington CT Iwo Jima Memorial

Mill Pond Park

Mill Pond Park is home to the same-named waterfall, billed as "the smallest natural waterfall in the entire United States" by locals. If you visit in the fall, don't miss the park's annual Waterfall Festival — a popular event with both locals and visitors.

Over 70 food and artisan booths, as well as performances by local artists, are among the festival's highlights. You'll pass through the park's many ponds, trails, and wooded areas on your way to the waterfall. There is a wooden footbridge observation deck overlooking the top of the falls that provides a spectacular view of the surrounding area.


Installing residential solar panels is probably one of the homeowners' smartest methods of lowering their monthly energy bills. Premier Improvements Solar, a Newington CT Solar Company offers home solar installation services guaranteed to make your home energy efficient.

As a Newington CT Solar Company, we offer free solar consultations—examining your electric bill and creating a custom solar panel design specifically tailored for your house. Our local solar installers also guide their customers through all tax incentives, ensuring the customer receives maximum savings on their energy bill.

An image of a Premier Improvements Newington Home with Solar Panels installed
An image of a roof with solar panels installed by premier improvements solar in newington connecticut

Solar batteries are an additional component of your solar panel system that allows you to store energy generated by your panels for later use. As solar energy is absorbed by the solar panel system, it gets converted into electricity, which passes through the solar inverter for your home to use. We are a certified Newington, CT Solar Company.

In hybrid systems — battery-equipped systems that are also connected to the grid —solar power is used to charge the battery and power your home. If there's insufficient sun power, your system will draw the power from the battery to compensate for the lack of power supplied by the panels. Batteries can also be used in off-grid systems as well.

In case you need a new roof, Premier Improvements Solar a Newington CT Solar Company offers to help with your roofing plus solar project, including taking care of all the permits and paperwork. This also includes building your roof replacement cost into your solar panel installation services, granting you the benefits of all current government incentives.

Roof installation is the most typical location for solar panels, but you can have experienced solar panel installers like a Newington CT Solar Company mount them on the ground. They work best in situations in which a roof installation isn't possible, and they're equally energy efficient as the roof-mounted panels.


Connecticut is a fantastic state for utilizing solar panels because the state has 194 sunny days per year. By installing solar panels, Connecticut taxpayers may save money on energy in the long run while also helping the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is a fantastic program that requires your utility company to track how much solar power you send back into the grid and what percentage of it was used. The credit for this difference will be reflected on next month's bill,

The Connecticut Senate passed a bill in 2019 that will keep net metering policies strong in this state for another five years! This is great news because it gives homeowners an opportunity to save money by going solar.

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