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Solar Battery Backup for Power Outages | Premier Improvements Solar

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

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Secure, Reliable Solar Battery Storage for your Home

Let Premier Improvements show you why adding solar battery storage to your home will meter excess energy from your solar panel grid and protect your family from power outages with a reliable solar battery backup system.

Installing batteries can help you stay safe during a power outage by providing minimal interruption in your activities. With enough capacity, you can run the house for hours or days without having to change routines. Excess power from your solar panels flows into your energy storage system when your solar panels produce more power than you're currently using. Several solar energy systems with a battery backup are available for installation as long as it is possible.

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Why do power outages occur?

Various factors can negatively affect the reliability of electric power delivery to your home. Power outages and interruptions occur when weather conditions like high winds, rain, snow, and ice overtake electric lines. Car accidents can cause power outages as well if pole or line damage is sustained. Something as simple as a squirrel can wipe out energy in your whole community.

More frequent power outages increase the need for backup power

Power outages are a regular occurrence in all areas of the country. Their financial impact on U.S. infrastructure equals about $20 billion dollars per year, and they are most typically caused by weather events. Winter storms produce high winds that cause fallen branches and telephone poles, resulting in downed electrical wires. In addition, the snow and ice which accumulate during a storm may weigh down trees or impact the power lines. Summer is an additional problem, as the increase in electric consumption causes frequent brown outages and temporary outages for cooling units.

Ready to go Solar? Click here or Call 860-969-4006 to be Connected with an Expert Today!

Solution: Solar battery storage

Adding solar batteries to your solar panel system will add a multitude of advantages to your energy system – the main advantage being reliable power to your home during power outages. Capacity — the power a battery can store — relates to the main feature that affects how many days it will last during a power outage.Battery storage is calculated in kilowatt-hours. (kWh)Multiple batteries can be installed to increase storage capacity.

Don't be left in the dark by the utility companies when bad weather strikes.

Don't be left in the dark by the utility companies when bad weather strikes. Depending on your power usage, solar power can last up to 10 days. And the power used depends on your appliances and system. Prioritizing household electrical and device power consumption needs such as refrigeration, heating, and cooling will help you to prepare for power emergencies.

Power outages are increasing at alarming rates

In eastern California, wind speeds over 60 mph (ca. 97 km/h) reduced power to more than 400,000 users and toppled over 4,000 electrical wires. Wildfires ripped through the state's emergency grid and forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes and businesses to shut down power. Power companies now have the option to shut off the electricity grid in an emergency to avoid blackouts from the electricity grid. In addition, newspapers in California say utilities plan to shut down power for good. Let our team help you manage your exposure to the main electric grid. []

Reliable power when you need it most

Combining battery storage options with solar systems can help to power a home during periods of outages and low production. These batteries are especially useful during long power failures, as the power stored will contribute to the power used by your major appliances and other household needs. If you use batteries, they can function in isolation when the power lines go down, a process known as islanding. The amount of energy produced by Solar panels is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Electric consumers are switching to solar power in droves thanks to net metering and storage options

If you require power during a power outage, you cannot beat an integrated battery. Feel secure knowing that you can access power away from the utility grid for your major needs during an emergency. Solar battery technology allows easy switching from grid to battery backup power. There are numerous battery storage choices available; at Premier Improvements Solar, we've partnered with the top solar energy system equipment provider—Sunpower. Their SunVault™ solar battery storage systems help you power your home with clean solar energy and store the excess for when you require it. Watch this video to see how it works!

A Real Example: Solar panels and power outages in Texas

Solar panel installation is completed all over the state of Texas throughout the year. Providing 225 sunny days every year, solar panel installations will help you reduce your energy costs.

Different factors have contributed to rolling power outages in Texas lately. Utilities report that freezing temperatures have led to issues such as gas pipelines freezing due to moisture in the lines, diesel engines that power pumps refusing to start, wind turbines freezing and impacting about 10% of power production, along with other related cold-weather events. Having solar panels installed will generate excess solar energy that can be housed in your backup battery storage system for use during times of emergency.

Power through Blackouts with a Solar Battery

A solar battery storage system will empower you to manage your energy supply.During a power outage, you will have reliable energy to power critical home appliances, medical equipment, and electronics. Although generators can provide solutions during blackouts, they are often dependent on fossil fuels, which are disruptive.

Comparing generators to batteries is a case of apples and oranges. To make the right decision, you must first establish your energy goals. Return on investment (ROI) is a very common term in renewable energy, and rightfully so. Although generators have their plus sides, they also have many drawbacks. They rely on fossil fuel, which means C02 and other greenhouse gases are released during operation. Furthermore, gas and diesel generators have substantial maintenance requirements, complete with scheduled servicing, trips to the gas station, and frequent top-ups. Source:

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Financial incentives to solar battery storage

When you purchase a solar battery system from us, you are automatically eligible for money-saving incentives, including an up-front credit and a Federal Investment Tax Credit. Using a typical example of a battery system costing $15,000, you would receive an approximate up-front credit of $2,700 and a Federal ITC of $3,900. After these incentives are deducted, your total cost would be reduced to $8,400!

Most electric consumers have questions about going solar – let us answer some of those for you now.

What Makes Solar Energy So Reliable and Affordable?

A solar battery system ensures that the solar energy you produce will never be wasted. Extra energy may be stored in the system to be accessed later and without extra costs. During periods of power outages from the main electricity grid, your solar energy system will produce and maintain reliable power for your home. Take advantage of the recently improved Federal tax incentives that make going solar even more cost-effective.

Will solar panels work during a power outage?

Solar panels combined with a battery backup storage system can provide some power usage in times of emergency. To protect the line workers, a grid tied solar system is shut off during power outages, so they do not continue to provide power back to the grid. Having solar batteries along with your solar panel system will redirect this solar power to be stored as solar battery power for use in your home during power outages.

Do I Qualify for a Solar Energy System?

Many customers we visit are eligible for solar panels. Solar energy system installation is largely dependent on geographic location, tree line, and southerly facing rooflines. Ground installation is available in certain areas as well. Our team will be happy to conduct a free consultation and site visit to accurately assess your eligibility for solar panels.

How do I get started with my own Solar Energy System?

Call Premier Improvements Solar at 860-901-7619 for a free solar consultation. We’ve completed over 1,000 successful solar installation projects across Connecticut, saving homeowners' money on energy costs for over 20 years.

Act today to secure your energy storage.

Solar battery storage systems help you power your home with clean solar energy and store the excess for when you need it most. Solar battery systems have been designed to provide homeowners with a reliable source of backup power. During blackouts or power outages, you can rest assured knowing that your stored renewable energy will provide power to run your home's critical systems.

At Premier Improvements Solar, We can handle all of your needs from the Design, Permitting, Installation & Inspection of both Residential and Commercial properties. With Solar Tax Credits still available it's a perfect time to start moving forward to your financial freedom from the Utilities. Servicing All the Connecticut and Massachusetts as well as Rhode Island we are always here to help you and answer any Questions you may have. Give us a Call @ (860)901-7619 or visit our website @ for additional info.

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