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Solar in 2022 SunPower with New Financing Options

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

SunPower (Nasdaq :SPWR) today announced that it has launched SunPower Financial. This means customers who use SunPower to purchase rooftop solar and storage will no longer require a third-party lender in order to get and manage financing.

SunPower's New Solar Financing

SunPower claims it is the only solar provider that offers a complete service to homeowners in the USA, including design, sales and financing.

The launch of its financial arm aims to increase residential solar access for customers with lower incomes.

SunPower Financial allows homeowners to buy solar without a down payment, lower monthly payments and higher limits. It also offers a quicker application process. SunPower Financial offers qualified residential solar customers and storage customers in certain regions 0% APR for up 25 years.

Qualified customers enjoy the following key advantages:

  1. For well-qualified customers, credit limits up to $150,000. This is $50,000 more than previous offerings

  2. An easier application process and quicker approvals

  3. Customers with 600+ credit scores are eligible

  4. Financial offers for mobile homes, leased land, accessory dwellings and shared roofs

SunPower's new financial products will be available starting today for purchase of the SunPower Equinox sun system and SunVault storage batteries. SunPower Financial will be the main provider of financing to SunPower's dealer network. SunPower has already started in six states that represent more than 75% of SunPower’s US home-solar market.

Zero down payment and 0% APR It seems like a simple decision. This plan makes solar easier to access for more people than the high upfront costs of rooftop solar installations.

SunPower's in-house financing removes the complexity and confusion from going solar.

It's the same as buying or leasing a car. My car was leased without the need to obtain external financing. This was all part of my leasing process. It gave me confidence and made it so easy. SunPower's new finance arm should do the same thing for rooftop solar in the US.

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